Infertilità di coppia

CIFS, or Centro Italiano Fertilità e Sessualità, has been a go-to destination for over twenty years now for issues related to couples infertility and the difficulties of conception, guiding patients all the way from diagnosis to cure. The facility, based in Florence, uses the best specialists, offering 360 degree services, from gynecology to andrology to the latest artificial insemination techniques.


Diagnosis of couples infertility

Finding a cure for infertility starts with a complete and accurate diagnosis. The identification of causes is a fundamental prerequisite in order to be able to indicate targeted and successful treatments. CIFS, Centro Italiano Fertilità e Sessualità, has an analysis laboratory with state-of-the-art screening equipment for both men and women, from seminal fluid analysis to conception tests, ovarian reserve assessment, and ovulation monitoring.


ovarian stimulation and assisted fertilization

Once the causes of infertility are identified, it is possible to determine the type of assisted fertilization with a greater probability of success. The Florence center is today highly specialized in first-level medically assisted reproductive techniques (Intrauterine insemination). The team guides the couple through each stage of the treatment, from ovarian stimulation to follicular development and endometrial monitoring, from determining the timing of insemination to actual intervention, and assisting the woman during the nine months of pregnancy.

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