A Tumor At The Neck Of The Uterus Is A Predictable Cancer And Can Therefore Be Prevented!

 CIFS Centro Italiano Fertilità e Sessualità tests for the papilloma virus, an examination that involves taking a small amount of cells from the neck of the uterus and the vertical canal to be analyzed, in the laboratory, with the aim of detecting the presence of papilloma virus DNA which may possibly be responsible for the cervical cancer. This is performed during the course of a normal gynecological examination using the speculum, a tool that slightly dilates the vaginal opening to gently insert a special spatula and a cotton swab for picking up the cells.

What is Papilloma virus?

In Europe, it is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women under the age of 40 after breast cancer. It is a sexually transmitted virus, though not necessarily by means of a full sexual relationship. Sometimes Papilloma virus can be transmitted even many years after one of the two partners has been infected by it. There are still no drugs that can counteract and treat the Papilloma virus, which is why it is crucial that the disease be prevented through the use of condoms during sexual intercourse as well as periodic testing. Today, there are vaccines for viruses that are responsible for approximately 70% of uterine cancers.

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